Empanadas Cafe uses the highest quality products and has an environmentally responsible business practice. We are committed to making sure your event is unforgettable with exciting food and extraordinary flavors. Shop Here Each tray is arranged in inspiring patterns and the empanadas are made with traditional and artisanal methods just moments before delivery.

We’re now offering a stylish catering service tailored for your events. Non-profit organizations can now take advantage of especially affordable prices and quality service on events for up to 150 guests.

Empanadas Café for the Arts is a catering service in which elegance and versatility go hand in hand, with a unique style and an eye on detail in the preparation and presentation of the empanadas.

Empanadas Cafe, a place that opened as a sort of “United Nations of Empanadas,” has become the dream caterer for New York’s social, corporate and cultural events.

The small and intimate cafe, located on the border of Corona and Forest Hills Queens, is transforming this traditional dish into a gourmet, sophisticated and healthy choice.

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56-27 Van Doren Street
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