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Empanadas de Masa de Maíz / Corn Flour:

Masa Integral Orgánica / Whole Grain:

Empanadas de Masa de Harina de Trigo / White Flour

Home-Made Sauce:

1 sauce per every 2 empanadas / una salsa por cada 2 empanadas


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Chef Luz Helena Bermudez and the team at Empanadas Cafe take an environmentally friendly approach to catering, presenting the clients with not only delicious food made from fresh and healthy ingredients, but also a practical approach to eating in which no utensils or accessories are needed other than a napkin.  Each tray is arranged in inspiring patterns.

The empanadas are made with traditional and artisanal methods just moments before delivery.

A fun and easy way to serve empanadas in style. Of all the methods, this presentation is designed beautifully and functions as a self-preserving method of transporting the food.

Trays won’t crush and retain their heat, allowing them to be served over longer amounts of time. The tray is also reheatable – just pop them in the oven if you prefer delivery or pickup in advance.

When you’re looking for delicious food for your gathering that’s simple to prepare and serve, our trays suit groups large and small.

Awarded Best Empanadas 2023

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