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Empanadas Cafe
56-27 Van Doren Street
Corona, Queens, New York

Hours of Operation

Open 7 Days
7am to 8pm


Corn Flour $1.50
Shredded Beef
Ground Beef and Cheese Shredded Chicken
Shredded Turkey
Chopped Pork

White Flour $2.10
Ground Beef
Ground Chicken
Turkey and Cheese
Ham and Cheese
Ham, Cheese, Pineapple
Egg, Cheese, Bacon, Ham
Spinach and Ricotta
Mixed Vegatables
Sweet Plantain and Cheese
Organic Flour $2.00
Beef and Vegetables
Chicken and Cheese
Chorizo and Potato
Cheese and Jalapenos
Mixed Vegetables
Nutella Chocalate and Bananas . $1.70
Home-Made South American Ice Creams . $2.50
Café . $1.75
Party Tray

 Above Prices Do Not Include Tax.

  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Chef and Company
  • Party trays

Chef Luz Helena Bermudez and the team at Empanadas Café take an environmentally friendly approach to catering; presenting the clients with not only delicious food made from fresh and healthy ingredients, but also a practical approach to eating in which no utensils or accessories are needed other than a napkin.  Each tray is arranged in inspiring patterns. The  empanadas are made with traditional and artisanal methods just moments before delivery.

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A fun and easy way to serve empanadas in style. Of all the methods, this presentation is designed beautifully and functions as a self-preserving method of transporting the food.

Bandejas won't crush and retain their heat, allowing them to be served over longer amounts of time. The tray is also reheatable - just pop them in the oven if you prefer delivery or pick-up in advance.

When you're looking for delicious food for your gathering that's simple to prepare and serve, our bandejas suit groups large and small.

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